This improv warm up game is some people’s favorite, but it is also some people’s least favorite because it involves singing. (groans from students). Yes, I’m afraid there will be singing. 

What’s worse is that you’ll be asked to stand in the middle of a circle and start a song all by yourself. This can be very much out of many people’s comfort zone, but I want to remind you that in improv we work on Following the Fear. This is your safe space, and we’ve got your back.

The way the game works is this:

Players stand in a circle. One player jumps in the middle of the circle and starts singing a song, any song at all. That song may remind another player of another song. They tag the first player out, and start a new song, and so on. 

This game is not about being able to sing, or knowing the words to songs. In fact I love la-las or gibberish in this game. This game is about supporting each other. When someone starts a song – if you know it, sing along. If you don’t know it dance, clap, smile. 

Try not to be standing in the circle thinking, “what song should I sing? Do I know that song? Will they like that song?” Try to be in the moment supporting that person. Also, don’t leave anyone stranded in the middle longer than they want to be. Even if you have no idea what song to start, I would rather hear, “Happy Birthday” twelve times than leave any of you stranded in the middle.

I encourage everyone to try being in the middle of the circle at least once. Even if it’s a little scary, in improv, we follow the fear.