Improv For Therapists: Level 2

Improv For Therapists: Level 2

We put together a 8-week class to cover topics we do not cover in the Level 1 class.

This is the second level of Improv Therapy Group training for clinicians and mental health professionals.   

For those of you that have taken the 8-week Improv For Therapists class with Improv Therapy Group, this is another great chance to network and meet one another.  You are all so awesome and we think one big ensemble sounds kinda cool. 

Here are the modules you will learn, practice and be able to incorporate into your practice:

  • GOT YOUR BACK: Team Building and Group Think
  • ON THE SPOT: Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety/Stage Fright
  • REPEAL INHIBITION: Social Anxiety, Openness, and Playfulness
  • BETWEEN THE LINES: Non-Verbal Communication
  • UNITED STATES OF MIND: Closing Cultural and Language Gaps & Building Community Relationships
  • LOCONOTION: Creativity and Imagination
  • LIGHTS UP: Importance of Ice Breakers, Warm-Ups, and Energy Games
  • AND SCENE: Putting it all together creating lesson plans and handling the resistant improviser

Monday Evenings


For Clinicians & Counselors Only
8 weeks
Classes are weekly on Mondays
8:00pm to 9:15pm EST
7:00pm to 8:15pm CST
6:00pm to 7:15am MST
5:00pm to 6:15pm PST

Start Date:  Sept 20, 2021
End Date:   Nov 8, 2021

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Good till September 5th, 2021) - $295

Registration: $360