ITG Cancellation Policy

Welcome to Improv Therapy Group. This document contains important information about our professional therapy training services and business policies. Although these documents are long and sometimes complex, it is very important that you understand them. When you sign this document, it will also represent an agreement between us. We can discuss any questions you have when you sign them or at any time in the future.

Training is a total of 8 groups, over an 8 week duration. We ask that you are aware and understand that our groups will begin on time. If something comes up or an emergency arises, we ask that you notify a ITG Ensemble Member that you will not be attending. We will do our best to try to see if there are other groups you can attend in place of your missed module.  

 If you are a participant who is eligible for CEUs, your CEUs will be finalized after the 8 week training and once your completed evaluation is received.  This can take up to 8 weeks to process. We ask you for your patience and will always answer questions along the way. MISSED GROUP: ITG cannot provide CEUs for a group you’ve missed. We can not guarantee there will always be another option or group for you to attend to make up this group.

We want to see you each week but we understand sometimes it just doesn’t work out. If you cancel your training five business days before the group launches, ITG will provide a 100% reimbursement. If you choose to attend the first week and decide to cancel, ITG will provide a 50% reimbursement or an ITG credit to return for your training at a later time and date. 

We may not be immediately accessible to you as we do not answer our phone when we are teaching/running a group or with clients. At these times, you may email us or leave a message on our confidential voicemail and your call will be returned as soon as possible, but it may take a day or two for non-urgent matters.