ITG Group Guidelines

Improv Therapy Group: Group Guidelines

Please review prior to group


Anything said between any two or more group members at any time is part of the group and is confidential. I understand that everything said in the group is confidential. I agree to keep secret the names of other members of the group and what is said in the group. I agree to keep secret anything which occurs between or among group members. I understand that there is an exception to this confidentiality which applies to the group leader. If the group leader believes that someone is in danger, the leader has a professional obligation to take direct action in order to keep everyone safe.

I agree not to keep secrets from the group. Anything which occurs between or among any members is part of the group is kept secret from anyone outside of the group but is not kept secret from the group. This also applies to any individual meetings you may have with a group leader. I understand that if I violate this confidentiality I could be removed from the group.

Privacy (The Stop Rule)

I agree that I will never pressure other group members to participate in any discussion or activity after the member has passed or refused. I understand that the group leader is obliged to protect this right. I also understand that I will benefit more from the group the more I am able to take risks in sharing and participating.


No group member is ever humiliated, hazed, or abused in any way. I agree to avoid this destructive behavior.

Violence or intimidation

Violence or intimidation toward other group members is never tolerated. I understand that I must never be violent or intimidating toward other group members and that if I threaten to harm persons or property I will be asked to leave the group.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Group members cannot participate in the group under the influence of alcohol or other mind altering drugs. When under the influence of chemicals, persons do not have access to their emotions and have less control over their behavior. I understand that if the leader believes that I am under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, I will be asked to leave the group.


Gossip and secret grudges can be very destructive in a group. I agree that if I have something to say to another group member, I will try to say it to the member directly rather than talk about her/him/their behind her/him/their back.


I am aware and understand that we will begin on time. I agree that I will attend the meeting I signed up for unless an emergency arises. If an emergency should arise I will notify the group leader prior to the meeting to tell him or her that I will be unable to attend. 

Virtual Attendance: Attendance also means being present in the group. I understand I must have my video and audio available throughout the duration of the group. 


Improv For Self Care: I understand that I must provide a 24 hour notice if I can no longer make it to a group session. If I can not provide 24 hour notice, I am aware I may not be reimbursed and be charged the full group fee.

Improv For Therapists: We want to see you each week but we understand sometimes it just doesn’t work out. If you cancel your training five business days before the group launches, ITG will provide a 100% reimbursement. If you choose to attend the first week and decide to cancel, ITG will provide a 50% reimbursement or an ITG credit to return for your training at a later time and date. 

Internet Connectivity

I feel very strongly that the members of the group should form and participate in an online group limited to the group members. Of course, the same cautionary notes apply to the internet communications in terms of both confidentiality and inter-group sharing. I understand that I can not record or take pictures of my sessions to protect the privacy of my group members and myself. 


I understand that it is the group leader’s responsibility to enforce these procedures and guidelines. The group may, when it wishes, propose other procedures and guidelines which will be up to the group to monitor.