2024 Registration Now Available!

Registration for some of our 2024 trainings - including all three levels of Improv for Therapists -- is now available.

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Bring Applied Improvisation To Your Facility


Improv Therapy For Therapists

Are you a clinician interested in bringing improv therapy to your practice?

We have a course for therapists interested in applying improv games, exercises and practices into Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Group Therapy, or Individual Therapy sessions. We welcome all levels of clinicians, including movement therapists, drama therapists, interns and clinicians that just want to come engage in some laughter and self care with people who get it.


Improv Therapy For Individuals

Communicating with other people can be difficult.

Whether it’s talking to strangers at a party or having an unpleasant conversation with your significant other, communication is a sometimes uncomfortable part of life. But it doesn’t have to be so hard - talking and listening are actual skills that can be improved. And improv is a great way to work through communication blocks.

With structured rules, such as “Yes, and!” and “Always make your partner look good," improvisers quickly learn how to listen and agree with their peers. Being forced to focus on your partners needs will enhance empathy and an understanding of communal trust.

These practices teach helpful communication skills for group and one-on-one settings.

We Offer Learning & Participatory Modules that help Groups, Organizations, Teams and Individuals

Programs customized from a variety of sessions, workshops and improv jams.

  • MAGIC WORDS: Communication and Yes, And
  • HEAL THYSELF: Stress Reduction and Self Care
  • I SECOND THAT EMOTION: Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  • ON THE SPOT: Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety/Stage Fright
  • REPEAL INHIBITION: Social Anxiety, Openness and Playfulness
  • UNITED STATES OF MIND: Closing Cultural and Language Gaps & Building Community Relationships
  • OUR STORIES OURSELVES: Creative Storytelling and Expression
  • FOLLOW THE FEAR: It's OK to Fail
  • PERFECT IS BORING: Embracing Imperfection
  • IN THE NOW: Mindfulness and Being Present
  • BRAIN YOGA: Cognitive Flexibility, Neuroplasticity and Memory

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