Improv For Mental Health Students: Level 1 – Virtual

Join us for some self care and fun!

The Improv Therapy Group is the manifestation of a profound connection between life skills and improvisation training. Improv classes provide a safe space to practice imperfection, let go of control and practice mindfulness while having fun and laughing.

We will be welcoming students who are in their graduate programs for social work or counseling, along with undergrads in a social work or psychology program to learn more about how to use improv in therapeutic settings. We leave time to process how the communication techniques learned in these games and exercises have been applied to Dialectical Behavior Therapy techniques to which can be utilized in Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy and Individual Therapy.

“Ability to engage in storytelling is incredibly beneficial to the populations I serve.”

“I have the awareness to develop today's training as a tool to connect well with others.”

“I feel that I will use this unit in groups to foster empathy and encourage connection in a safe space.”

“I work a lot with adolescent who struggle with emotions so this will be helpful.”

“I am likely to use the "Reminds Me of..." with couples who have trouble connecting and listening to each other.”

“I can use this with my elderly mother who is a stroke victim as well as some of my older clients..especially the alphabet game.”

“Directly applicable to the way I lead my inpatient groups.”

Here are the modules you will learn, practice and be able to incorporate into your practice:

  • Week 1: Magic Words 
  • Week 2: Perfect is Boring
  • Week 3: Brain Yoga
  • Week 4: I Second That Emotion and Our Stories Ourselves

Tuesday Evenings


For grad students for psychology, social work, and counseling

This class is 4 weeks:
Week 1: October 11, 2022
Week 2: October 18, 2022
Week 3: October 25, 2022
Week 4: November 1, 2022

Classes are weekly on Tuesday Evening at:
6:00pm to 8:00pm EST
5:00pm  to 7:00pm CST
4:00pm to 6:00m MST
3:00pm to 5:00 PST

Registration: $199.00


Join us for our Virtual Improv Therapy Classes for Clinical Students

Grad students for psychology, social work, and counseling.