2023 | Improv for Therapists

Improv for Therapists

A fun, engaging class for counselors, therapists and mental health students. No prior performance experience necessary!

About the Program

Improv for Therapists was developed by ITG co-founders who realized that improv games and therapy had a lot in common. This class, co-taught by improv professionals and licensed therapists, connects key improv ideas to communication techniques explored in individual and group therapy.

Participants will enjoy practicing fun, easy to learn improv exercises and then have time to process how the communication techniques in improv have been applied to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy and Individual Therapy.

Remember, no previous improv experience is necessary. We aren’t preparing for Saturday Night Live – we’re learning how applied improv can help practice life skills and double as a great form of self-care for therapists.


Improv for Therapists – Level 1

Improv for Therapists – Level 2

Improv for Therapists – Advanced


  • MAGIC WORDS: Communication and “Yes, and”
  • PERFECT IS BORING: Embracing Imperfection
  • BRAIN YOGA: Cognitive Flexibility, Neuroplasticity and Memory
  • I SECOND THAT EMOTION: Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  • OUR STORIES OURSELVES: Creative Storytelling and Expression
  • HEAL THYSELF: Stress Reduction and Self Care
  • FOLLOW THE FEAR: It’s OK to Fail
  • IN THE NOW: Mindfulness and Being Present


  • “Improv has made me a more confident human being. The games taught me to accept myself, support others and love laughter again.”
  • “It was the highlight of my week – to laugh and connect and learn. Highly recommended!”
  • “I can’t recommend this training enough. Helped me develop a group for kids when they struggle to come into formal therapy and the change in them has been amazing!”
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About the Instructors