Team Building Programs

Us is More: Improv & Team Building

A successful workplace operates the same way as a successful improv ensemble.

By engaging your company's employees in improv exercises and games they will gain valuable skills in their ability to listen. Participants learn to better give and take. Everyone's verbal and non-verbal communication abilities dramatically improve.

Improv Therapy Group team building programs help an organization learn to support each other better, engage in a more empathic manner and work together creatively.

Here is an example program we recommend for team building.

Magic Words: Communication and "Yes, And"

Using the improv concept of Yes And, participants will gain confidence, work together and create in positive, supportive ways. They will also heighten their listening and communication skills as they express themselves in a safe environment.

Better Together: Group Mind and Collaboration

Getting out of our comfort zone is scary. In improv we put ourselves out there with a group of people taking the exact same risk. Play is vital for happiness and adults often find this is the first thing that is sacrificed in the name of anything else. Creating a time a space for play and creativity is guaranteed to help you be goofy and happy.

Feelin' It: Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Improv games help individuals explore their emotional intelligence. The gamut of emotions are not always easy to navigate, and these games aid the participant in knowing whether the emotion they are expressing is actually the one being received.

In a game environment participants are free to try on emotions, reactions and experiment with their communications. The stakes are lowered because there is laughter involved, but the value is enormous as participants explore and experience emotions in a positive way.

Repeal Inhibition: Openness and Playfulness

While "On The Spot" enhances an individual's presentation skills, "Us Is More" games work on building groups that can think together, operating in-sync. Exercises include advanced group dynamics, where elements of trust and collaboration must be engaged for the group to achieve common goals.

Working It Out: Improv For Cubicle Diseases

Confrontation and conflict are some of the most difficult situations for humans to handle. It can destroy a team, shut down a relationship, and break a workplace or classroom.

Improv can help rebuild trust because it's practicing the skills that great teams need.

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