Here’s an improv game I have played with young and old, from all walks of life. It plays on the humor of opposites, and on having fun with two basic characters: A fancy lady, and a hairy monster.

The game starts with all players taking on the character of a very fancy lady, and reciting together:

“I’m a Fancy Lady, yes it’s true. I’m a Fancy Lady, how about you?”

Then player one gives player two an idea to do something as a fancy lady, such as wash a dog.

Player two shows everyone their impression of a very fancy lady trying her best to wash a dog. They may talk in their fancy lady voice saying such things as, “sit still you dirty pup, you’re knocking over my tea,” or, “wherever is my butler!?!?!” When player two has completed their task, everyone recites the saying again:

“I’m a Fancy Lady, yes it’s true. I’m a Fancy Lady, how about you?”

Then player two gives player three a suggestion, and so on.

Because our characters are so fancy, it’s funny to give suggestions of gross or messing things such as:

Eat messy fried chicken with no utensils
Plunge a toilet
Make a mud pie
Milk a cow

Next switch to Hairy Monster. Everyone take on funny monster characters. I like to be inspired by the Sesame Street monsters. The saying is the same:

“I’m a Hairy Monster, yes it’s true. I’m a Hairy Monster, how about you?”

Now take turns giving each other ideas for things monsters have to do. Because the monsters are big and clumsy it’s funny to have them try to do graceful or dainty things such as:

Use chopsticks for the first time
Take a ballet class
Host a tea party
Make an origami swan

If you want to try doing two person improv scenes, have one player be a fancy lady, and another be a hairy monster, and give them something they have to do together such as:

Build a birdhouse
Pitch a tent
Rob a bank
Put on a puppet show

Most importantly, have fun, and remember there’s no wrong way to be a Fancy Lady or a Hairy Monster.