CARAVAN OF THE HEART just released a new episode, called Improv Therapy Group, Transformative Therapy with Believers in the Healing Power of Laughter, featuring Improv Therapy Group’s Angela Nino, Marcy Bain, and Lisa Bany.

Here is an excerpt from the description:

“We find magic words and get a Bland Aid for your life. We discover the transformational power of “Yes…And.” We learn that when we commit to having each other’s back, it’s infinitely easier to trust and surrender. We discover 5 things a Rainbow might say. We find that Play is not just for kids anymore. When you dance on nothing and have a ball your intuition grows strong, your confidence stands tall. Come with us to a wondrous place where imperfections are embraced. Laughter’s the best medicine and the gifts are mistakes. We bow to the wow of now!”