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We're excited to bring you the second installments of Improv Comedy Group! - gifted self-development and connecting experiences. These groups are offered in collaboration with InterGifted, gifted therapist Gordon Smith of Gifted and Growing, and Lisa Bany, who is an author, comedian and instructor at The Second City and Chief Improv Officer of Improv Therapy Group. The first cohort had a wonderful experience, so we’re back for more!

This group offers a four-week experience in which we will come together (on zoom) with our gifted peers in a spirit of creative play and exploration. Through a series of improv themes - cultivating openness & playfulness, relaxation & self-care, emotional intelligence & empathy, and creative storytelling & expression - we practice spontaneous group creativity and connection. Improv is the Art of "Yes, And". It gives us a chance to explore parts of ourselves, our minds, and our relationships that we might, in more typical social situations, forget about or decide not to acknowledge or express. Improv is an excellent practice for rediscovering playfulness and openness to serendipity, for developing camaraderie and co-creativity with our fellow gifted peers, and for inspiring ourselves and our peers to fuller and more authentic self-expression.

There are four facilitated sessions in this round, each with group exercises designed around the session's theme:

Session 1. Repeal inhibition - Improv for social openness and playfulness

Session 2. Heal thyself -- Improv for relaxing and taking care of yourself

Session 3. I second that emotion -- Improv for amping up emotional intelligence and empathy

Session 4. Our stories, ourselves -- Improv for creative storytelling and expression

For participants who want to carry forward, we will continue with additional series of four or eight sessions when this round is complete.

Cost is $220 USD for the 4 sessions.