2023 | Press

Check out this podcast interview with ITG co-founders Angela and Lisa and Improv for Clergy instructor Reverend Marcy Bain on Caravan of the Heart: “We learn that when we commit to having each other’s back, it’s infinitely easier to trust and surrender.”

Improv Interviews with Margot Escott, LCSW

This Improv Interviews podcast episode features Margot Escott, LCSW, speaking with ITG Advisory Board member Stephen Owen:

“Although Stephen had some experience in drama in high school, he chose a path leading to a Ph.D. in political science with a specialty in criminal justice. He teaches criminal justice at Radford University, so his students are college students who plan to enter criminal justice professions, including law enforcement.  The unique classes he developed focus on building observation, communication, and empathy in the context of police-community relations.”