2023 | Mission

We’re a unique ensemble of professionals with something in common: we believe humor can heal. We went from in-person classes with a handful of curious class participants to a devoted, international fan club of repeat customers. We know that the power of improv can be transformative.

Improv Therapy Group engages the principles of improv to teach people how to improve communication, practice life skills, heal through laughter, engage in self-care, and embrace imperfection. Our clients are individuals, groups, plus leaders and teams from organizations and corporations; we support communities that serve addiction recovery, families, mental health centers, public safety, and others.

In our classes, we provide a safe, low-stakes space where improv facilitates creative healing and learning. Participants develop improved empathy, public speaking, self-acceptance, community relationships, having each other’s back, being part of a team, mindfulness, playfulness, active listening, and being present in the moment. Our approach also addresses public speaking, performance anxiety, social anxiety, and cultural gaps.

Learn more about our ensemble and the classes we teach or read testimonials to hear from our class participants and instructors.