2023 | Improv for Gifted Adults

Improv for Gifted Adults

Find community and explore creativity in a group of neuro-atypical people like you

About the Program

Are you a perfectionist? Do you struggle with being too intense?

Gordon Smith of Gifted and Growing, and Lisa Bany, Chief Improv Officer of ITG, have collaborated to develop a curriculum focused on the specific needs of gifted adults.

Through improv games and exercises, class participants will cultivate openness and playfulness, relaxation and self-care, emotional intelligence and empathy, plus creative storytelling..


Improv for Gifted Adults

Key Questions

How can we live up to the potential that’s in our heads?

How can embracing imperfection lead to a happier life?

How can I challenge myself to be open to new ways of thinking?


  • “I feel that I will use these games in groups to foster empathy and encourage connection…”
  • “I work a lot with young people who struggle with emotions, so this will be helpful.”
  • “I am likely to use the “Reminds Me of…” with couples who have trouble connecting and listening to each other.”
  • Read more participant feedback on our Testimonials page

About the Instructors

Gordon Smith (he/him) is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Coach, who has been practicing since 2000. Gordon’s practice is composed of gifted adolescents and adults in locations around the world. He has presented at numerous conferences, including being a featured workshop presenter at the 2020 SENG Annual Conference.

In addition to his professional focus, Gordon has served as an elected member of Asheville, North Carolina’s City Council, Director of GROW Conference AVL, Chair and member of multiple boards and commissions in western North Carolina. Service and compassion are at the center of Gordon’s life and work, and he intends to extend those values through his work with Improv Therapy Group.

Lisa Bany (she/her) is Chief Improv Officer at Improv Therapy Group. Lisa is an instructor, director and coach at The Second City. She has authored numerous books, including On Stage: Theatre Games and Activities for Kids, which was awarded the Parent’s Choice Approval Seal for Excellence in Education, has been translated into German and Korean, and is sold around the world. She started teaching at The Second City in the early nineties and has directed and taught throughout the Chicagoland area. Lisa was one of the first teachers in the Second City Wellness Program where she has taught Improv for Anxiety, Improv for Parkinson’s Patients and their Caregivers, and Improv for the Autism Spectrum.

A graduate of Columbia College, Lisa has taught improv with The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Arlyn School for teens with Anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has also created and directed performing arts summer camp programs with Play On, Northlight Theatre, Light Opera Works and the JCCs of Chicago.